FGPh-Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Graham Parkes: In the Light of Heaven before Sunrise. Zhuangzi and Nietzsche on Transperspectival Experience, 18 Uhr c.t., U2/00.25

Liebe Freunde und Mitglieder der FGPh,

am kommenden Mittwoch eröffnen wir unsere Ringvorlesung in diesem Wintersemester Asiatischen Philosophie. näheres zum Programm können Sie auf unserer Homepage erfahren: http://fgph.de/programm/.

Den Eröffnungsvortrag wird Prof. Dr. Graham Parkes von der Universität Wien halten. Er widmet sich dem Thema „In the Light of Heaven before Sunrise. Zhuangzi and Nietzsche on Transperspectival Experience“.

„Zhuangzi and Nietzsche have both been described as holding some kind of perspectivism, as well as being against anthropocentrism. A comparison of the two thinkers raises some interesting questions, the answers to which help us get clearer about what each is saying about these two topics. Some commentators claim that Nietzsche believes we can never transcend the human perspective, but a comparison with Zhuangzi highlights passages in his writings that suggest otherwise. In particular, an examination of the ‘Equalizing Assessments of Things’ (Qiwulun) chapter of the Zhuangzi along with the ‘Before the Sunrise’ chapter of Thus Spoke Zarathustra prompts the question: How does the Daoist sage’s ‘letting all things bask in the broad daylight of Heaven’ compare with Zarathustra’s blessing, ‘to stand over each and every thing as its own Heaven’? The answer brings to light some previously unnoticed parallels that enhance our appreciation of both thinkers.“

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir Sie auch dieses Mal wieder zahlreich zu diesem spannenden Thema begüßen können.

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